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Brake Repair
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Whether you are waiting at a red light or pulling up to your favorite burger joint, you can thank the braking system for helping you come to a complete stop safely. Your brake system ensures that you can drive safely, and Mason’s Automotive wants to ensure that your vehicle operates just as it should.

Our shop in Port Orange, Florida, is home to some of the top brake repair experts in the industry. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience working with brake systems to ensure you have a smoother ride. If you find that you need your brakes repaired, trust our team to provide critical services to your vehicle.

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How You Can Protect Your Brakes

To get the most out of your vehicle’s braking system, it is not enough to come in for routine repairs, although that does help. You must also implement healthy driving habits, as no repair service is good enough to overcome bad driving habits for long. Here are some things you can do If you want to ensure your braking capabilities for the long haul:

  • Stop Riding The Brake: although we appreciate the proactive approach, it isn’t necessary to always hit the brakes or even have your foot on it all the time. Not only is this frustrating for others, but it also quickens the wear-and-tear process on the brake pads.
  • Avoid Sudden Stops: sometimes sudden stops are inevitable and necessary. With that said, do your best to avoid this when possible. Sudden stops place a tremendous amount of stress on the brakes. Although the brake system is designed to take that level of stress, it isn’t able to take it consistently.

A great way to implement these tips is to increase the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. This gives you more time to react when the car in front does stop, allowing you to come to a slow stop instead of a sudden halt.

Let Us Keep Your Car Safe

Simply put, your car can be very dangerous if the brakes are compromised in any way. You could be putting yourself, your passengers, and other people on the road in danger if you have compromised brakes. If you have any questions or concerns, schedule a brake repair service with Mason’s Automotive, the go-to brake repair experts in Port Orange Florida. Our experienced technicians have years of experience working on every brake problem imaginable. Whether you need to repair a warped rotor or your brake lines cleared, trust our technicians to get the job done right. You can learn more or schedule an a appointment by giving us a call at (386) 767-9079 or by visiting us at 4575 S Ridgewood Avenue. We also accept walk-ins and have after-hour drop-off and pick-up, so you can stop by our shop any time!

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