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Diesel Repair
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If you drive a diesel vehicle, you likely know about the many benefits that diesel offers over gasoline vehicles. Whether it is because of the increased efficiency or the increased fuel economy, there are many reasons why diesel vehicles are a very popular option for many drivers. Diesel engines are built differently than their gasoline counterparts, so the services and maintenance schedule are different.

Mason’s Automotive can provide you with the specific diesel repair services your vehicle needs. Located in Port Orange, Florida, we have some of the finest diesel repair specialists in the industry. With years of experience within the diesel repair vertical, and the auto industry as a whole, we will be able to solve any problem that may come up within your vehicle. We make sure you are fully aware of what goes into the service as well, so you will never have to wonder about the work being done on your vehicle.

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As most vehicle owners know, their car must go through routine repair and maintenance services to perform at its best. The same rings true for diesel-powered vehicles, with the recommended service period being every 3,000 miles or 6 months, whatever comes first. Sometimes issues occur before you reach these intervals, and it is important to know what these warning signs mean. If you see any of the issues below occur, visit our shop immediately:

  • Rough Idle: Isyour vehicle rumbling aggressively when you come to a stop? If so, your car is running rough, and that likely means either a defective glow plug or a compromised fuel injection system. Either issue is not great and can lead to additional problems if not addressed quickly.
  • Lack of Power: Diesel vehicles, especially trucks, are known for their power. However, if you notice your vehicle is struggling with its power when going uphill, this is a strong indication something is wrong. This could range from low fuel pressure, dirty fuel filters, or something worse, so acting quickly is crucial.

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If your diesel vehicle requires repairs, know that you need to visit a diesel repair specialist. Visit Mason’s Automotive to restore your engine’s performance capabilities and receive service tailored specifically for your vehicle. Our shop in Port Orange, Florida, is one of the top spots for all things diesel repair, as our technicians have years of experience under their belts in all things diesel service. Whether you need a quick checkup or a gasket replaced, trust our team to provide your diesel vehicle with quality care.

For any questions or scheduling requests, give us a call at (386) 767-9079. Visit our shop at 4575 S Ridgewood Avenue, as we happily accept walk-ins and after-hour drop-offs and pick-ups.

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