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Bruce Mason

Bruce Mason's father, Elmer Mason, founded our shop in 1963. He started sweeping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, pumping gas and cleaning windshields. In fact, he still does that to this day (with the exception of gasoline service- which he was not a fan of). Bruce still works on vehicles daily, as needed, but his main focus is the daily operations.

Kristal Padden

Kristal has been a valuable asset to Mason's Automotive for more than 20 years. As our resident service expert, Kristal consults with customers about their automotive needs, as well as coordinates Penske Truck Rentals. As a knowledgeable and trusted member of our team, people often stop by the shop just to get her opinion on various subjects!

Brian Hill

Brian originally began working at Mason's Automotive when he was in high school, after which he went on to serve in the US Army as well as the National Guard. Brian has since specialized in electronics and is a true professional at quickly diagnosing difficult problems during each phase of auto and truck repair.

Alexender Oliva aka "Lex"

Lex has been with Mason's Automotive for 6 years. While he can work on all makes and models, he is particularly passionate and skilled at servicing Volkswagen, Audi and Jeeps! He is a dedicated team member and very knowledgeable about all phases of auto and truck repair.

Robert Legowski

Robert joined Mason's Automotive 15 years ago. He specializes in electronics and diagnosing obscure problems across all vehicle systems. He recently earned his private pilot's license, which has been a lifelong pursuit.

Regina Mason

Regina Mason has been with Mason's Automotive for 43 years- coincidentally the same duration that she and Bruce have been married! Regina handles bills and paychecks which makes her everyone's favorite person to see on Friday. When she enters a room, everyone in the shop says, "Here comes the boss!

Brad & Neil Mason

Our business is successful, in part, because of the efforts of Bruce and Regina's dutiful sons, Brad and Neil Mason. Providing support, both in-person and virtually, they serve as valuable assets to provide technical advice, marketing inspiration, as well as perspective on multi-generational dynamics.